Learn Photo Editing Video Guide review

Well, guess what? You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars in order to keep producing awesome pics!

Developed by a Photography Enthusiast.This program is an invention of Patrick Lavigne.He is a qualified photo editor, graphic artist, professional photographer and a colorist (photo & video).

By enrolling in this program you will be aligning yourself with a photography genius.
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QUESTION 1: How much I gonna learn with this pack of tutorials?

With 36 professional Photoshop tutorials, you’ll be spoiled for choice as far as taking your ability to take your snaps to a whole new level.
In a nutshell, this program exposes you to a myriad of skills and tricks with variety of tools that commercial photographers use while photo editing,
The course will also teach you how to create everything from scratch to finish using a computer mouse without a graphic tablet.

QUESTION 2: Is it too basic ? or is it to complicated for a starter or intermediate person with Photoshop?

Following this program is easy and it doesn’t requires you to have any previous knowledge of how Photoshop operates. Every tutorial comprises either a detailed video session or step-by-step instructions. Each of the video sessions is detailed and will teach you how to handle photo editing from scratch.

This program will equip you with a lot of technical skills. You will become an expert at photography and digital artist by gaining photo/image editing skills. No doubt, the skills you will learn from these tutorials will take your career to the next level. If you are a very professional & advanced user of the program most likely you might find them not as worth.

I recommend it to complete beginners as well as for people who think they have an intermediate Photoshop skills.

KEEP PRODUCING AWESOME PICS with learn photo editing course.


The Learn Photo Editing program contains 36 professional photoshop tutorials.

The course that exposes you to the techniques of photo manipulation, retouching, and color grading so you can create bright retouched images & awesome fantasy environments.  

Also improve your portraits by giving smooth & clear complexions with Photoshop!

It also teaches to create unique caricature – whether be it mascots, & even logos,either from your own photos or those of your buddies. How cool is that?


  • How to improve the look of the skin.
  • Correcting out problems with your photos and bringing out hidden details.
  • Retouching your subjects to give them a “glammed up looks”
  • Transforming the mood of the photo by playing around with its gradient
  • The art of creating a fantasy environment – just like in the movies
  • The art of de-saturating your colored photos and transforming them into surreal black and white images
  • Achieving color effects typical of reality show images
  • Creating Disney-looking characters through photo manipulation and retouching techniques
  • Making the most out of your photos using refined Photoshop editing skills
  • Advanced color-correcting techniques that will help make your subject stand out
  • Creating breathtaking snaps that mimic award-winning works of art
  • Turning daytime shots into night time shots by adding details and highlighting shadows
  • Converting your ordinary photos into flashy poster ads
  • Converting your average photos into edgy cover arts
  • Performing extreme digital makeovers that transform ordinary models into super-models
  • Tips on creating cheap lighting setups for professional results
  • Digital painting skills using a mouse
  • Transforming ordinary looking portraits into alien-looking creatures through photo manipulation
  • The art of increasing realism on your photos
  • How to push the colors and reduce the shadows
  • Combining photo manipulation with composting to create fantasy images
  • Utilizing color correcting techniques in order to enhance the look and feel of your wedding photos

In addition to the surrealism tutorials mentioned above, others include.

  • Easy To Use
    You don’t need to be a seasoned photography guru to benefit from this program. As long as you’re willing to learn something new, this guide provides a fantastic launching pad for you. 
  • Hands-On
    Patrick leaves no stones unturned in all his tutorials. That means you’ll end up with hands-on skills so you can run your photography career successfully. 
  • Flexible
    Whether you’re a busy white collar worker or a student who has to keep up with your lecturer’s assignments, this guide has got you covered. With sessions lasting from 30 minutes to 90 minutes or thereabouts, all you need to do is dedicate an evening to learn a skill. 
  • Secure
    The checkout system of this program is highly secure. They have an SSL enhanced wall in place to safeguard your personal details. Most importantly, the program is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee which ensures you’ll never have to lose a cent even if this program falls short of your expectations.

This program is competitively priced and pocket-friendly. It is also a one-time payment for a life membership with Learn Photo Editing. By buying this program you will get 36 professional tutorials on photo editing. What’s more, you will learn how to use a normal camera to take photos that when edited will be stunning.

You can Visit Official Website here


  • Content for a wide range of users : beginners,intermediate or advance if you want to expand skills and all of that expending the less possible.
  • The Price, i mean is ridiculous the amount of work this guy put into a way of learning, he does it in a simple and funny way and he does it for almost symbolic price.That is at least great.
  • No Life Time Membership required; while other professional photoshop tutorials are much more expensive and after you purchase them you need to carry on a monthly subscription, these Learn Photo Editing tutorials delivers that with just your one and only payment. Hurray !!
  • Time saving editing works-Long story short;
  • Shortest methods are introduced to achieve the professional intuitive and fun tutorials ,great tips, all sort of photo (portrait, landscape, moving scene,static,fantasy,cartoon,comic and a long etc),media.


  • Even if while going through the tutorials and learn photo editing little by little you get to use almost all the eye catchin tricks & tools Photoshop can offer,but as i mentioned if you are an advanced user most likely you might find them not as worth.
  • Some of the tutorials are long. Some are 3 hours long, therefore, requiring a special time set aside for the course
  • This program is currently on a promotional offer and the price may go up anytime

Lifetime Membership

This program is not like any other. You are not purchasing this program alone but a lifetime mentor-ship program. Note: You automatically become a member of Learn Photo Editing when you purchase this program. Members get exclusive access to all the tutorials in the member ’s area. Therefore, you will enjoy access to all other future tutorials for free.

It’s virtually impossible to exhaust all the details of this humongous program.Clearly, its author has left nothing to chance in helping you learn skills that will last you a lifetime.


Product as Described:
Content Quality:
Value for the Price:



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