15 Useful Amazon products Below Rs 500/-

We hope you love the products we recommend! We do a lot of research and testing before making our lists for the best thing to buy in each price-point.

Here's the list of 15 Recommended Products you can buy under ₹ 500

Please Note: Prices mentioned for each products can be subjected to minor variations as sellers tend to make changes in their product price everyday.

1. BOKA® Metal Lazy Stand Bracket Mobile Phone Stand

Elegantly designed firm and sturdy build Mobile Stand, for every need to free up your hands & make your life easier.

This is an ultra-functional and cost-efficient high-end model that will enable you to easily browse the internet,watch a youtube video, read the news, stream television shows or make a video call & much more.

Key Product Features:

  • Multifunctional mobile phone support -Spiral clamp, lined with non-slip silicone pad.,
  • Flexble & durable – Follow ones inclination 360° rotating collect: meet the demand of various angles.
  • Free universal mobile attachment – you can use it with any mobile as well.
  • Solid Metal body alloy – Solid hose PVC package mope than 75% of the total metal.
  • Lazy hand release system – Humanization design jack. With holes on clamp for convenient charging and connection cables.
  • Easy to disassemble – For the desktop / bed below 80mm width.

2. SaleOn™ Latest Rechargeable Outdoor Fm Radio

(Portable Speaker with MP3 TF Memory Card, 2 USB Drive,Aux.)Our activities or casual quality time is incomplete without some music or entertainment. Don’t you think so? If you agree, then you also think that having the best portable outdoor radio has become a must!This Portable radio have high quality speakers as well as a great FM and AM frequency range. Moreover, they are lightweight, battery powered and have a compact design with latest technology which makes them easier to use & carry meeting all your entertaining needs to great value.

Key Product Features:

  • Light and Portable – Carry with you anywhere you want easily.
  • Complete Device Compatibility – Play MP3 music using Bluetooth, from Memory card and USB flash drive.
  • High Frequency FM radio – Fm Device can automatically scan any memory channels.
  • Connect to other audio devices – Easily and perfectly Connect to computer,Laptops, MP3, MP4, mobile phones,iphones, PSP, etc;
  • Easily Rechargeable– In built Rechargeable 800mAh Lithium batteryUSB power adapter, or by universal charger,You can use disposable battery also if required.

3. YOZO Multi Function Rechargeable Table Desk Fan

This Super Fast & cool looking rechargeable fan is relatively portable and easy to maintain & carry with you.This rechargeable fan is a must buy as it can be a great way to get rid of humidity and hot weather, and also deal with power cuts or any other emergencies which makes it a great product to have at home/workplace,or during travel and without spending thousands on the inverters and other options.

Key Product Features:

  • Compact & Portable – This fan is small and light enough to put in your bag, or hold or hang it anywhere.
  • Minimal Noise – 4 upgraded Fan Blades with perfect 30°tilted design can provide more powerful air flow, offer cool breeze and excellent air circulation.
  • Sturdy stand base – It firmly stand on any desk, Also remove the base to hold it when on the go.
  • Rechargeable Battery – Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can get up to 2-5 hours of a refreshing breeze.
  • Designed for 3 speeds – i.e Slow/Medium/High to cool you according to your needs.

4. House of Quirk Electronics Accessories Organizer Bag

Why an organizer bag? An electronic organizer bag is a must use thing, which once used becomes a need for every person.This ‘protective bag’ is known as an electronic organizer bag in which you can carry along with you a lot of electronic items.There are multiple double storage compartments and pouches which are specially designed to fit in multiple electronic devices in an extremely well ‘organized’ manner.

Key Product Features:

  • Travel Electronics Accessories Bag Organiser for Cables, USB drive, Charger, Power Bank e.t.c
  • Easy to Use & Wash, Portable & Foldable
  • Compact & Lightweight with Convenient Compartments – Ideal for all Cables in one place.Fit for storing multiple sizes of USB drives, flash drive e.t.c.
  • Multi-layer design – 3 adjustable padded dividers,5 slip-resistant elastic loops & 5 mesh pouches with elastic loops gives this electronic travel bag more storage space.
  • High Protective Quality -Shockproof & Waterproof Nylon & Well padded semi flexible covers.

5. Generic Motion Sensor Wall Cabinet Lamp 

This Motion sensor lights is great because they’re hassle-free. They turn on and off automatically. Plus, they’re easy to install (easier than a light socket), and they usually run on batteries, so they don’t need an outlet.Also, you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity and the light is switched off on time using motion detectors. That is why motion sensor lights is the most suitable option.

Key Product Features:

  • Easy to install & energy efficient lighting – High bright, low power consumption, energy saving, long operating life.
  • Motion activated LED's – A Sophisticated sensor measures the amount of light in the room and nearby human activity.
  • High intelligent Motion Sensors – Up to 10ft. Motion sensor range. Automatic shut off after 25-30 sec of inactivity.The led turns on automatically in last 20-30 seconds, Human activity is observed within 8-10 feet of the led if the room is dark.
  • Various mounting options – Stick it anywhere using double sided 3m tapes or hang it on the wall.
  • Nail at your place or just make use of the bottom stand and place it on any desk/flat surface.

6. Unique Gadget 10 in 1 Combo of Offices Toolkit

(All in one – Scissors,Measuring Tape,Stapler,Opener Punch Ruler & more)

This fantastic tool is small just 5 inch long, light-weight and portable. The designers of this cool 10x Office Tool actually packed in 10 of your everyday office things. It is bundled with several utilities like scissors, stapler, hole punch, pencil sharpener, carton opener, 1 meter retractable measuring tape, staple pin remover, ring for belt loop, etc. A really neat desk organization tool!The modern office today needs all sorts of desk accessories to function properly but it’s easy for your desk to get cluttered.That’s why combining many different desk tools into one 10x Office Tool is a genius space saving idea.

Key Product Features:

  • Great for office use – Designers Of this cool 10X Office tool actually packed in 10 of your everyday office things.
  • It is Bundled with several utilities – scissors, stapler, hole punch, pencil sharpener, carton opener, 1 meter retractable measuring tape, staple pin remover, ring for belt loop, etc.
  • Light-weight and portable to carry.

PRICE : ₹ 480


7. STRIFF Multi Angle Mobile Stand Phone Holder

This is a Super cool & Super cheap mobile phone stand.The right phone stand makes it easier to call, text and stream without lifting a finger.Enjoy videos, readings, FaceTime, browsing the web and other hands-free operation.

Key Product Features:

  • Safe and secure mount – for your smartphones and tablets, vertical or horizontal placement.
  • Portable size – 85mm x 95mm
  • Adjustable Multi-Angle –  From 0 to 100 Degree.
  • Sturdy and Reliable – Made of solid ABS material.
  • Well-placed rubber feet – protect your device from possible scratches.
  • The built-in steel spring – it can withstand folding above 10,000 times.

8. RNAUX Premium Laptop, PC, Camera Lens Cleaning & Sanitizing Gel 

This Cleaning kit is super-cheap & safe to use on any display screens.Clean your mobiles, camera lens desktop computer or laptop from time to time, especially the screen and the accumulated dusts inside the cabinet.These kits typically have a gel based cleaning solution as a starting point.A high-quality microfiber cloth is present that is safe to use with a small cleaning brush to reach tight areas & cleaning large display screens which will make the job go faster.

Key Product Features:

  • Gel-based cleaning solution for Smart Phones/Tablets, Laptop/PC/TV screens Eye Wear/Power Lens/Sunglasses and other Gadgets.
  • Alcohol free Gel solution – Bio Degradable and Hypoallergenic,with refreshing perfume fragrance.
  • Premium quality cleaning kit – Contains microfiber cloth and Double Headed compact brush to clean 3m and power ports to clean all ports and corners.
  • Removes all dirt and grease and kills the germs.
  • Environmental friendly – all spraying bottles can be reused.

9. ADTALA Multicolor Projection Clock

(With Star Sky Night Light & Led Magic)

This Multicolor Star projector works as a digital projection clock and are a great way to make nights interesting, whether it’s for relaxation or setting a mood. With star projector, you can also have the entire galaxy right in the comfort of your own home.These projectors project an array of light that, when said light hits a surface, makes it look like stars.No longer do you have to fall sleep with boring night lights or worry about how to set a mood for a party or date.

Key Product Features:

  • Digital Display: LCD screen displays the digital Time/Date/Alarm.
  • Shift 12/24 hour format & Support snooze mode.
  • Built-in LED 7 Colors – Changing Star Night Light Magic Projector with Backlight Alarm Clock.
  • Attractive Dark Room Effect – Create an amazing night sky in your room with this projection clock.
  • Night light changing: Switch on to send out seven kinds of bright and warm colors with circular changing.

10. Anvera Digital Square Shape Multicolor Alarm Clock

If you use your phone in the bedroom at night, it’s probably messing with your sleep, even if you mute and dim it. This multicolored alarm clock can be a healthy upgrade to a distraction-free bedroom, despite its feeling like a technological downgrade with wide variety of features in it.

Key Product Features:

  • Home and office purpose desk orgnizer.
  • Beautiful LED multi color changing alarm clock.
Clock displays:
  • Day of the week  
  • Time – 12 or 24 Hour Formats,
  • Temperature indicated Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Alarm Settings

11. 7 Colour Changing Glow Shower Stream LED Light Water Faucet Tap

7 Colors LED Changing faucet switches on due to water flow & transforms the stream of water from faucet into a beautiful waterfall of light. It has a built-In durable valves & prevent leakage.It is Ultra quiet, water powered and no batteries required to function.Lights changes instantly and automatically when water flows down.The LED Emits Red, Pink, Purple, Deep Blue, Blue, Green, Yellow lights.

Key Product Features:

  • Fits on most water pipes – LED light will light up when you turn on the tap.
  • Activated by water pressure – turns on and off automatically with the water flow.
  • 7 colours are mixed – displayed automatically when water flows.
  • Water Resistive Material – Abs chroming material, excellent corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Transforms the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.

12. Magnifico Bj-196 Plastic 8 in 1 Multi Screwdriver Set

This tool is just everything you need and it comes in a very small and handy package. And the light is also very very strong, it can actually be used as a flashlight! This makes a perfect gift for every man.The kit comes with eight pieces including a tack puller and an awl for tightening all types of screws around the home and office – inside or outside.

Key product Features:

  • 8 in 1 multi portable screwdriver tools set with flashlight torch.
  • The kit is highly portable and comes in handy
  • High Beamed Flash Light – The torch ensures high brightness and stable high beam & practical for your daily use.
  • Also Light even in dark or poorly lit environment that allows you to get your fix up done.

13. Spartan S-6 Screwdriver Kit

(Assorted, 6-Pieces)

Key product Features:

  • Spartan S-6 Screwdriver Kit consists of six neatly folded items in a small box.
  • Screws include 6 screwdrivers and 1 handle.

14. Marshland Portable & Programmable Mini Message Fan Showpiece

Summer mini text display portable customized LED message fan USB mini fan.Use it with Laptop, Power Bank or in Car
  • To flash your text
  • To print your logo
  • To promote your brand
  • To program you Mind with Positive and Uplifting Statements LED colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White

Key product Features:

  • Leave any Message – Leave messages you want to display on fan.Runs with battery & USB.
  • Portable Handheld Message Fan – Inbuilt with Smart Led display message.
  • Great for display advertising: display your own logo or slogan, novel promotional gadget for shops.

15. ESnipe Mart Worldwide Travel Adapter

(With Build in Dual USB Charger Ports)

If you want to use electronic devices in a different country that fits all types of outlets and plug ins, you’re probably going to need a travel plug adapter.It has two USB ports and it could charge more of our devices faster. A replaceable fuse and an included spare should take the brunt of any accidental, unfortunate, or shockingly bad connections.

Key Product Features:

Key product Features:

  • ESnipe Mart Travel Adapter is suitable for use with most plugs.
  • Multi Plug Universal Function – Get connected in over 150 countries powerplugs worldwide.
  • All In One Adapter – with surge protector, Built in Safety shutter and power indicator light.
  • Plug in any Portable Devices – Dual USB Ports, Work with all phones and laptop cameras,Indoor use only.
  • Suitable for equipment with ungrounding plugs Power Rating 6A max.



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