Hostinger – The Budget friendly web hosting service.

In just over a decade, Hostinger has grown from a small web host to one used by 29 million people in 178 countries, Hostinger is a global presence serving approximately 15,000 new customers sign up for their services each day, according to the company.

In this Hostinger review, we’ll take a look at key elements such as hosting features and performance, to help you decide whether this host is worth your time and money for budget-maximizing option. 

Take your time to go through the entire post. We offer the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

We will first have a look at their web hosting plans and how affordable it could be for the website owners:

Let’s get started!

Web Hosting Services:

Currently, Hostinger offers the following types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)

 Many of these plans come with:

  • Free domain names & Domain Privacy.
  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Free website building services.   
  • Protection against malicious attacks (e.g., DDoS attacks)   
  • An SEO Toolkit    

It’s no wonder this is also an appealing option to so many new website owners. On top of that pricing will be one of the most important factors for many when considering a web host.

“Hostinger claims to offer the fastest web hosting with a world class platform & publicly displays its solid and consistent server status and uptimes”

Specializing in Low-Cost Hosting:

Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts on the market – They include the registration of 1 domain name for free. Yes, you have to pay for others, but they’re still affordable prices.

Below is the starting price for the all Web hosting plans:

Regardless of which hosting type is right for you, Hostinger emphasizes the affordability and low prices of all its products.

Hostinger has some surprisingly low pricing plans for the services it offers. For example, a single website hosting starts at just ($0.99 per month) with promotional pricing (which only applies to your first billing cycle).

If you’re willing to shell out a little more for premium shared hosting at just ($2.89 per month), you’ll also get a free domain name, unlimited websites, email accounts and maximum bandwidth to go along with your hosting account. In addition, higher-tier plans offer free daily backups.

Also Get more bang for your buck with cheapest VPS hosting providers.(Starting at $3.95 per month).VPS hosting is a great choice for any new and ambitious website, or someone who’s outgrown their shared hosting plan and wants to upgrade to fastest servers.

Hostinger is a real budget friendly solution for you.After all, awesome hosting won’t do you much good if it breaks your budget.

Hostinger  also offers a search engine for finding 99 cent domains,in addition to it’s free domain name services.

Search 99 cent domains here:

“All in all, Hostinger is a very affordable option – This is true when you consider its server speeds. Especially for newbies, this is a great place to start, and you can always look at upgrading your plan as your site grows.”


Now Let’s have a look at the features in their hosting plans in detail:

Hostinger’s promise is to create an easy to use, reliable, developer-friendly web hosting service that offers stellar features, security, fast speed, and great customer service at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Here is the features involved inside hosting plans:

1) Shared Web Hosting

1.) The Single Shared hosting Plan: The Cheapest Option

  • The cheapest option, called Single Shared Hosting.
  • Gets you Free SSL & support for 1 website and email account.
  • SSDs (solid-state drives) are offered in all the plans which is much more faster and more reliable than HDDs (hard-disk drives).
  • You’ll get 10 GB of SSD storage space on 1 MySQL database.
  • Weekly backups are available.
  • you’ll be able to support up to 100 GB of bandwidth.

2.) The Premium Plan: More Power Plus Weekly Backups

If you want a bit more, the Premium Shared Hosting plan gets you

  • Support for an Unlimited number of websites and email accounts.
  • You’ll get twice as much processing power and memory.
  • Unlimited SSD (solid-state drive) disk storage and bandwidth and weekly backups.
  • You’ll also get a free domain name & SSL Certificate.

3.) The Business Plan: Best Performance and Daily Backups

The top-tier Business Shared Hosting plan is a great option for those who want a performant site, yet aren’t ready to splurge for a more advanced hosting type.

  • You’ll get four times as much processing power and memory as the Single plan.
  • An unlimited allocation of resources.
  • A free domain name, and daily backups.

2) WordPress Web Hosting

You can host a WordPress site using Hostinger’s general shared plans, but the company does offer specialized WordPress plans.

These plans are almost identical to the shared plans, in terms of resource allocation and bandwidth allowance.

But you get several helpful features:

  • 1-click WordPress installation.
  • Unlimited Websites and Maximum Bandwidth.
  • Hosting on WordPress-friendly servers.
  • Enhanced security via BitNinja.
  • 24/7 support from WordPress experts.
  • Custom-built LiteSpeed modules on all servers for additional speed.

Once the plan is purchased the Hostinger tutorial shows viewers how to create a WordPress site using the Hostinger control panel. It takes just a few clicks to launch a bare-bones WordPress site. Then you can customize it and add content. No technical knowledge is required.

The company also offers e-commerce hosting – They cover the Magento and PrestaShop platforms, specific e-commerce tool , as well as the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress.

(Please Note: This plan is specialized only to run websites being designed in wordpress. If you need both wordpress and code designed sites (like html/css /java) to use together, you can purchase Shared hosting plans,VPS servers or Cloud hosting plans.)

3) Cloud Web Hosting

Greater Performance Than Shared Hosting

Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting plans are designed to give you the highest performance of a cloud network with the simplicity of a shared hosting plan.

Cloud Hosting is a great option for those who have outgrown shared hosting but aren’t quite ready to dive into the complexities involved in having a VPS hosting plan.

Choose From Three Cloud Plans

  • Hostinger’s entry-level plan is called Cloud Startup.
  • The mid-range plan is Cloud Professional.
  • The Cloud Enterprise plan is suitable for large sites with heavy traffic.

Hostinger claims that your hosting will be three times faster with cloud servers and the company is the one responsible for worrying about the backend.

All cloud plans get you a dedicated IP address ,Unlimited bandwidth ,A free domain name,A free SSL Certificate.

Cloudflare integrates cache and deploy your website’s resources from a location close to your visitor.


4) VPS Web Hosting:

VPS Hosting gets you powerful servers built for speed, but since this is Hostinger we’re talking about, you won’t break the bank for any of these plans because of its affordable pricing.

The VPS options are best for those who need a lot of resources to serve their site quickly and are comfortable with the management required of such plans.

You’ll also have your choice of Both Linux and Windows operating system under VPS hosting packages.

  • It gets you a dedicated IP address,
  • Full root access (which allows you a greater degree of control over your environment),
  • SSDs (solid-state drives).

Choose from 8 Plans


Hostinger’s VPS plans are semi-managed cloud options , which means that the company promises 100% uptime to its users.

The company offers eight different options from which you can choose. The plans vary from each other based on the allocations of:

  • Memory (RAM)
  • CPU(s) and computing power
  • Storage space
  • Supported bandwidth

Website Builder and Control Panel

One of Hostinger ‘s best aspect is you can create a website and get it online in under an hour.

Pick a designer-made template, use our AI tools to customize it and get your business online today. No coding or website design skills is needed.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll have access to build a beautiful website fast

  • Proffessional & Easy Drag and Drop Hostinger website builder
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee (such guarantees are rare, especially among shared hosting plans).
  • Hostinger’s intuitive “hPanel” control panel to manage your hosting environment.


Hostinger is very distinct and unique unlike many other hosting providers when it comes to performance:

Hostinger offers public information on the performance of its servers. This includes uptime data for the last 24 hours, as well as for the past week and month.

The company website sells the service largely on performances as the front page suggests phrases like ‘fast and secure, spirit of performance,optimized for speed, and we are here for you,when milliseconds matter.

Fortunately, Hostinger offers the following performance-specific features:

  • Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage Space
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Custom built cache manager

Above hostinger shows the sign of a quality web host with the way its servers perform. Having a fast website is crucial for providing a positive user experience (UX) to your visitors, and keeping your bounce rate low.

Domain Name Services:

Hostinger is a domain name registrar – In addition to a web hosting provider the company is capable of registering new domain names and accepting transfers of existing domains from other registrars.

Hostinger does sell domain names for $0.99 – With the exception of the entry-level shared, wordpress, and e-commerce plans, all users get a free domain name as part of their hosting package, or you can register any domain even if you are not actively using any packages.

Support options:

The good news is that Hostinger’s support team is available 24/7. You can either give them a call or send them a message:

For many users, one of the most important hosting features after price is support.While you’re setting up your website using shared WordPress hosting, you’re bound to have some questions.

While the internet is filled with lots of helpful hints and instructional posts, a direct line to answer your specific inquiries is always a boon.

To see how Hostinger would respond, we sent a general inquiry of our own. We received a response in a little over four minutes, which is good & descent although not great.

Overall, the support representative we spoke to was friendly and helpful. The chat included useful and actionable information, as well as screenshots for clarification. For any of your general inquires, Hostinger is easy to contact, and its response times are reasonable.


To wrap up our Hostinger review, let’s quickly summarize its pros and cons. After all, it’s important to consider the most essential aspects before committing to a web host.


  • Affordable & Budget Friendly hosting plans.
  • 30-day hassle free money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited SSD disk space & bandwidth.
  • Free domain name (except on the entry-level plan).
  • Free SSL certificate & Bitninja security on all plans.
  • Quality cPanel, Solid uptime and super-fast server response times.
  • Free daily & weekly data backups.
  • One click WordPress auto-installer.
  • No restrictions on website builder.
  • Publicly-displayed server uptime status.


  • Moderate response times for phone support.
  • Free SSL has to be manually setup on addon domains.
  • Base shared hosting plan offers just one email account

Is Hostinger Recommended?

Yes we do recommend them – They offer solid and reliable web hosting services for both beginners and seasoned webmasters at great prices without compromising on must-have features such as performance, speed and security. Being one of the cheapest web hosting doesn’t hurt either.

All the hosting plans are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee – This is one unusual exception which makes hostinger more unique & distinctive with it’s hosting plans, although you won’t get a refund for domain name registrations.


Service as Described
Performance & Speed
Customer Support
Value for Price
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