3 Minute Meditation Guide Review

Whether you are journeying towards spiritual awakening or simply trying to improve your quality of life.

You will always find that integrating a meditation practice into your daily routine is one of the most effective steps you can take.

Here are few Surprising Ways Meditation Rewires Your Brain for Higher Consciousness & Health

7 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation includes:

  • Improving your concentration
  • Promotes Emotional Health & Reduces stress
  • Less Stress translates to less anxiety
  • Slowing down the ageing process
  • Helps fight Addictions
  • Cures sleep disorders
  • Increased Creativity and Intuitions

With all these benefits and more, many people are overwhelmed by the idea of meditating.

Let’s have a quick leap into this 3 -Minute meditation program created by Adam Michael Brewer

An Insight into the Book

The e-book consists of A to Z mediation techniques and how it can benefit your mind your health and well-being.
3 Minute meditations is a 28-day Video & Audio program and e-book program designed for beginners who want a simple entry point into the world of meditation.

The quick guided meditation program focuses on 9 guided audio sessions for you to follow over the 28 days.
Michael wanted to put his 15 years of teaching into a product that anyone can pick up and start learning easily in no time.

As the Author mentions Real benefits of meditation come from consistent and regular meditation practice.The audio files helps us to regulate the habit of meditation through conditioning our brains by practicing meditation for 3 minutes every day initially.

Then you are given more audio resources to increase your time of meditation gradually to 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 9 minutes and more,thus then slowly increasing the amount as we find comfort,ultimately helping you to achieve the habit of meditating regularly through your life.

It’s relaxing, calming and I think the author does a great job of easing you into building such a peaceful habit what could turn out to be a great passion for you.

You can Visit Official Website here

You Get All Of This…


Don’t miss out to listen out the meditation audio below:-

Get a glimpse of 3 out of the 9 audio meditations you get inside of Adams 3-Minute Meditations program.

3 Minute Intentional Meditation

3-Minute Heart Meditation

 3-Minute Mantra Meditation


Once you’ve checked out 3 Minute Meditations, you can also see the added ‘bonuses’.

  • I think this course holds a lot of value for those with stress or anxiety and who lead busy lives & don’t have time to go to a physical class and learn meditation.
  • Thank god for the internet! For me, this means being a full-time worker and a dad. Both of which leave me little time to do what I want to do to stay sane & blissful!
Product as Described
Content Quality
Value for price


  1. I listen to this every morning! It’s part of my morning ‘routine’ to help me maximize my day. I’ve found that using a combination of mindfulness meditation, practicing gratitude, and a cold shower in the morning helps me slow down my mental chatter and keeps me focused on the day. Thank you for uploading!


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